What you ride on:

Encore boards are all custom-made per order. Check out the technology for FREESTYLE, WAKESTYLE, FREERIDE, LIGHTWIND and WAVE to see what you are riding on.

We invite you to select your own visual identity from the extensive design collection and customise the look of your board according to your personal preferences. Your board will be made and shipped within three weeks of your order. During the production process we will keep you updated on the progress through manufacturing, assembly and final delivery of your kiteboard.

Board engineering

All about the boards, the materials and the quality.


Freestyle with a diabolically snappy pop.

INFERNO is the dynamic freestyle model in our collection of kiteboards. The distinctive carbon spine and hard cut outline make this the freestyle board of choice. You can rely on the unique combination of wood core, quadriaxial fiber mesh and carbon to allow the aggressive nature while maintaining fast pulse and harmonic flex. Up your performance with a pleasantly elastic response across the board that delivers a diabolically snappy pop. Ride this board and you will see why we call it INFERNO.



NIRVANA is the ultimate competition level wakestyle & freestyle model in our collection of kiteboards. The perfect balance of wood core, carbon inlay and quadriaxial mesh provide the tight flex pattern for an explosive pop. Stiff tips, lower flex between bindings and absolute reduction of torsion flex across the board provides the ultimate control to edge at the perfect moment. The 3-stage rocker keeps this board agile and comfortable even in choppy conditions.


Freeride with a lively crisp feel underfoot.

PARADISE is the versatile freeride model in our collection of kiteboards. The distinctive carbon spine and hard cut outline make this the freeride board of choice. The unique fusion of wood core, quadriaxial fiber mesh and carbon provide you with the full freeride experience. Fast planing, excellent upwind, very decent pop and full control when you are moving fast is what you can expect from this board. Ride in heavy or light conditions and you will see why it deserves to be called PARADISE.

Cloud 9:


CLOUD 9 is the lightwind glider in our collection of kiteboards. Wide tips, flat rocker and a unique parabolic sidecut allows the board to cut deeper, plane early and rocket you upwind with a smooth ride even in heavy chop. Depend on the quality of wood core and enhanced composite construction to ensure that your board will last for years to come. The double heel-side fins for our 160 cm board provide additional traction and keep you on course while you rocket upwind with full cruise control.

5th element:


The versatility of this chameleon makes 5th ELEMENT the directional kiteboard of choice. Precise control in radical turns and easy planing in low wind is what you can expect from this ultralight and zero water absorbent waveboard. Extend your range with a directional kiteboard made for riders wanting something for everything. Enjoy the trinity of dynamics, acceleration and ultra-low weight to see why we call it 5th ELEMENT.

Some things just feel right.

The structure and density of all our components are evaluated for material integrity, quality and how they will best perform. We believe that when you pick up a well-crafted board, you know instantly when it feels right. Trust your instincts.

  • Spirit:

    The shared believe in friendship, partnership and respect for others guides what we do and how we do it.

  • Heart:

    Manufacturing by hand allows us to work with great attention to detail and respect for timely craftsmanship.

  • Expertise:

    Individuals who share knowledge, over twenty years of individual experience and the love for riding boards.

  • Proof:

    Our boards are known for component integrity, quality, great look and performance. Best you test one for yourself.

A board made for you:

We take three weeks to make your board. This allows us to work with great attention to detail and precise craftsmanship during each step of the production process. Small imperfections are possible during the process and show that all encore boards are custom-made and hand-crafted to order.

  • Your board:

    We make boards hand-crafted exactly to match your size, weight and personal style of riding.

  • Your look:

    Choose the look for your board from the extensive design collection and customise it.

  • Your kit:

    Select the fins, handle and footpads to compliment the look of your board.

  • Your benefit:

    Knowing the board you are riding has been custom-made just for you.

Everything matters:

We believe that every detail is important. This drives how we evaluate, test and finally select the optimal materials, structural components and production methods to make custom boards with quality and integrity. All encore boards are made in the EU.

  • Materials:

    We use only high quality materials and selected components for all our boards, fins and board accessories.

  • Production:

    Our method is a fusion of the latest technology, precision machinery and craftsmanship with many years of experience.

  • Lifecycle:

    Crafted to endure intense demands of structural and environmental influences your board will stay with you for many years.

  • Value:

    Rely on a hand-crafted, custom-made board that will give you awesome performance again and again.

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